Friday, February 4, 2011

Females React Differently to Caffeine

Based on past research which showed people increased their caffeine intake when under stress, three researchers from the University of Bristol took this science further in investigating whether caffeine did indeed increase performance at work. Their finding: "we found that women performed better than did men on collaborative tasks under stress, provided caffeine had been consumed."

The importance of this study as stated by the researchers is intriguing:"The present study also suggests that further research is needed to discover whether caffeinated drinks at business meetings might unintentionally sabotage the partnerships forged to solve stressful issues that the meetings were designed to facilitate. This need is all the more urgent because many such meetings, including those at which military and other decisions of great import are made, are likely to be male-dominated." (p.3125)

Source: Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Volume 40, issue 12 (December 2010), p. 3106-3129

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